Productivity and Goal-Oriented

Time management is the key to getting more tasks done, making you much more effective in your work life, and increasing your value to your workplace or personal business. A collateral benefit is that you have more time for leisure and to pursue other hobbies or interests.

In this seminar about managing your time, we at TBL Consulting focus on the self-discipline that comes with written goals, effective lists and tight time lines. Contrary to what one might expect with this task orientation, we find that doing these things consistently reduces stress levels, again increasing your effectiveness while improving your outlook and overall health.

Consistent with our approach to all problem-solving, the most important thing is to act immediately to incorporate these new habits. There will always be reasons to hesitate, and that is the why beginning right away to work on changing your use of time is so important. The very act of getting organized, making progress, and completing things is so rewarding that it helps to imprint your new mindset, insuring continued progress.

It’s important to start simply, managing your time on a daily basis. We work with you to organize all your tasks in order of importance. We help you break up your workday, allocating time to the most important task first, having a goal for progress on that task, and then moving down the list. This instructive exercise will show you much about your workload and how it can get done. Organizing the tasks you face, creating daily goals and allocating an appropriate amount of time to accomplish them, these are the first and most important steps in managing your time. It’s the reasonable expectation you create that makes this work so well.

The better you become at this, the more tasks you will do well, in a shorter time, and the more “targets” you will reach successfully.  Lily Liu, the seminar leader, has learned well how to put this into practice. She will help you with each step, making better plans to increase your productivity. Using your daily routine you will find that your management of time expands to longer time periods, more effective outcomes, and best of all, to more “free” time to enjoy your family and friends and all the things you choose to enrich your life.

Even if you currently have an assistant to arrange your time, and you feel that you enjoy a balanced life, it’s good to be eager to search for more productive ways to make your business and work get done smoothly and easily. Lily is a great advocate for always finding better options, for always seeking to improve. 

Please enroll in our seminar for a fulfilling experience, or meet with Lily for a private session. An honest assessment of how you currently get organized, how you structure your day now, will lead to the basis for a new approach. TBL Consulting is built on a number of principals for becoming more successful and creating wealth, and underlying all of them are these important words: Learn more, become more, and then earn more.