If there is one key skill that most business people can work on to improve their income immediately it is sales. A good way to do that is read sales training books, talk with top sales professionals about their methods, and to attend sales training seminars, like the excellent one we offer.

What are sales? Put simply, Sales are the exchange of goods or services for monetary or other value. A sale should always provide a solution to a problem. A person or company gets something they need or want. In exchange the salesperson receives well-deserved compensation.

Sales and exchanges have existed for as long as humans have. Today sales is a sophisticated profession, but the principle of providing value and receiving compensation for it remains very much the same as it always has been.

TBL’s Sales Training Seminar provides the training to conduct sales in an effective manner. That makes for happy customers, and for well-paid salespeople.

In sales, there are generally six topics that we deal with. They are: prospecting, presenting, overcoming objections, closing, resale and referrals. 

There are key formulas that work best to improve your sales results and increase your earnings. Concepts like mirroring or matching, being a skillful and active listener, asking quality questions, adding value to each sales conversation, using the technique of “the silent close”, remembering that sales is a game of numbers, constantly pitching and closing, and increasing sales referrals. All these topics and more are covered in the Sales Training Seminar and accompanying materials.

Salespeople get paid for bringing value to the market place. The more people you bring value to, the better chance you will have to make more sales.

Come to our seminar to learn these valuable concepts. Everyone can improve by learning and then applying new ideas. As Lily Liu, TBL’s owner, likes to say, “Learn more, become more, and then earn more.”