Life is a collection, a series of experiences. This collection, and all it contains, is also about time. How you spend your time on a daily basis is critical, because how you use time, how you take advantage of it, is what creates your future. This goal-setting seminar, a companion to our time management seminar, will empower you and make you more productive in every aspect of your life.  We all have many goals that make up a complete life. Use this process to make each goal individually, building progress toward the whole. You will be surprised at what you can accomplish.

Setting Goals: process steps

  • Clearly define your targets to accomplish your goal
  • Make a plan with a checklist of these target activities on a daily basis.
  • Be realistic with your goal (This is not the to-do list you have in our pocket or purse!)
  • Discipline yourself to execute the items on your list
  • Measure the outcomes daily as you adopt the technique
  • Fix what is not working and refine what works
  • Remain single-minded on one target until you get it done
  • Move to the next bigger goal and repeat the whole process.

Key points for mastering Goal Setting:

  • Write the goals on paper – this may be old school, but it’s effective!
  • Rank the goals, prioritizing them from most important to least important
  • Put a deadline on completing each goal. Trust your judgment of the time and effort required to reach your targets
  • Be persistent! It takes discipline to achieve goals with relentless determination on a daily basis
  • Set goals you can make with your new disciplined approach, such as learning a new skill
  • As you achieve the goals, set new bigger ones to stretch yourself

Without goals and the strategic targets to achieve them, you will make half-hearted attempts as time, and life, pass by. This leaves you frustrated, no better off and less likely to want to put in the effort to move ahead. Change your approach, use the steps we have outlined, and employ the discipline that comes more easily from our process. Enjoy the success that organization and accomplishment bring. You can be better off financially, and more emotionally healthy as well. Get more done, lessening the stress in your life, and see how rewarding these changes can be.

How powerful is Goal Setting?

TBL Consultancy is based on the simple premise of  “Learn more, become more, and then earn more”. Our seminar on Goal Setting reflects that philosophy. Getting more done leads to greater satisfaction and better prospects for earning more. When you are better off financially you improve your lifestyle, doing the things that you value most in business. Most importantly, you enjoy more, bringing your work and personal life into better balance, able to spend more time with family and loved ones.

Ultimately our goal is to help you seek financial security, setting aside funds for later in life, and establishing “passive” income from the ownership of real property and other investments. All these things are within the reach of people who set their minds to the task.

Regardless of how long your life is, you could never get everything done that you want to. The everyday tasks and unplanned obstacles we all face never cease, making it that much more important to list our ten most important goals, prioritize them, and make a good plan to achieve them one by one with specific deadlines.  

Setting goals, and the successful execution of the plans to achieve them, are essential building blocks of all this. Please contact TBL Consulting and its CEO Lily Liu to find out more and enroll in this seminar or receive individual consulting if you prefer. You can join Lily on WeChat or contact us using the contact page on this site. Either way, act right away. Time is passing.