As a part time interpreter since graduating from college, I was fortunate to establish friendships with English and European business people in China.

I often helped them with shopping and sometimes traveled with them to different cities in China for business purposes. They were tourists, too, of course and I would offer help in places like Silk Street, making sure my friends and associates were making good deals. These relationships enhanced my language skills in spoken English, and of greater benefit, in “business” English, with the particularly vocabulary essential to understanding the needs of business clients.

With this experience, I decided on a career devoted to helping international people with their needs in both work and life. Very determined back then, from college days onward, I have continued on that path, working in companies and independently.

I began with a small business in 2008, taking advantage of the influx of foreigners as a result of the 2008 Olympic Games. I provided expats with relocation services and daily life support. At the time new arrivals and international people were relocating to the largest cities in Mainland China such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. 

I have continued in the same industry since then, refining and expanding my service offerings. I provide support to internationals who need relocation and daily life help, such as looking for villas or apartments to lease, as well as advice on shopping and price negotiations on services or whatever they need. I also help with international and domestic moving, opening a local bank account, laundry and A Yi service, local language tutoring, international school information for foreign children, and so on.

This past year has culminated in the launch of my new consulting practice, reaching out to expats here and to businesses worldwide for the services listed above. In addition to that, though, in the last two years I have been writing ebooks and creating seminars and services about other areas of business and about personal growth. We now offer these ebooks, seminars in person and online, and private consulting to those who want more personal attention.

Please see the other services listed on the web site and talk with us about those opportunities as well.

In terms of expat support we believe the most effective way to use our services is by contract, particularly for those of you who are only recently arrived. In that case we are on call to give advice or resolve a problem, and that service can be tailored to your specific needs.

The service fee range is between $1,000 to $3,500 US, hourly or by project, based on the scope of services.