A book about Health, Mindset, and Prosperity

Lily Liu has written an essential guide to creating wealth. First she covers the way we think about wealth. She guides the reader toward the concept of “accepting” wealth in one’s life, a mental adjustment that sets the stage for building wealth while maintaining a healthy outlook about money.

She covers many topics, applying that healthy outlook to the image we have of ourselves, our self-worth. Expanding on the same theme she moves to external matters, including success in business and career, with advice about how to create wealth and preserve it. Along the way she deals with creativity and innovation.

The book is designed to motivate the reader to change, and to build in the desire and the habit of continuous improvement. 

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Repeat these phrases daily - Change your life

Simple Steps to Saying Positive Affirmations 

1. Take a deep breath 

2. Say your positive affirmation. As you’re saying the positive affirmation, ALSO do the below

a. VISUALISE yourself as how you want to be (eg confident. Create vivid imagery in your mind about what you are confident doing). If it’s easier, close your eyes. 

b. FEEL how you want to feel by stating that positive affirmation (eg confident). 

c. SPEAK how you would when living that affirmation (eg confident) 

3. Take a moment to think about how good you feel. 

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Create a better life with positive thinking

Affirmation is one way to transform our lives to be better.  People who understand the subconscious mind know our minds can be trained. By using positive and

loving affirmations we can change our lives for the better.

This is done by repeating affirmations, If the goal is to achieve greater wealth, these would be such things as “I am a rich person.” “I love money, money loves me.” and “I attract money easily.”

If we constantly feed our minds with good and positive thinking, we will can change our lives to experience greater happiness, more prosperity, and achieve our dreams.

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Discover how to gain time, freedom and assets!

This book lays out a proven formula for effective ways to spend both time and money, and explains the assets that continue to deliver the lifestyle your hard work has earned. 

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