Welcome to TBL Consulting

Hello to new guests, and I hope future friends and clients! Welcome to our new website of TBL Consulting.

And welcome to my first blog post! I am Lily Liu, the owner and CEO of TBL. I want to give you an understanding of my background and why I believe I can become your personal development learning partner.

I like to find common ground with people. At the start we can discuss our common experiences, our career paths, formal education and areas of self-discovery.   Then as we discuss your interests in areas of personal growth we can brainstorm about ways to intelligently improve your skills and your prospects in today’s economy. Growing strong habits and making wise choices is always our goal.

Please read the testimonial of Michael Crystal, a new client in this year, to understand more about what we can do for you, perhaps your family or for your company. Most important, read our services content and feel free to tell us what projects you are working on, what obstacles you have encountered, what problems you are facing now, or what goals you want to achieve. We are here for you, regardless of the location and timeline. Please talk to us via email or Wechat, for more insight into our business and methods, and to discover how we can work together to improve your skills, resolve your problems and achieve your goals.  

You will learn that we teach valuable and proven successful methods for solving people’s problems. We assist people as they set bigger goals and achieve them within the timelines they establish. We believe we can help to make you more effective in business and in your personal life. That is our pledge to our clients, and we stand behind that.

As I launched this new consulting practice at the beginning of 2017, I wrote my first eBook which we sold to our company clients via Wechat or made available when meeting in person. Clients appreciated this valuable material and this helped to support our company business.

This summer, I had a good dialogue with a senior executive who works at Microsoft Beijing branch office while I was working in a Sanlitun café having breakfast. We talked about what it takes to be successful, and I asked some questions about how Bill Gates has done this, about his character in business, the role he plays in guiding Microsoft, his decision-making process and so on. It was a happy coincidence, particularly because I had just finished a short eBook, called “What Does Success Take?” We talked about how valuable and empowering a book like that can be.

Also, one morning in a CBD Starbucks I met Michael Crystal, a consultant working for the first time in Beijing. We exchanged contact information, and in the following weeks we were able to have a few conversations by phone and WeChat about my books and the current seminars, and I was able to assist Michael with knowledge about the ways of business in China and to help him with a number of tasks.

A Few months later we met again in person in Beijing and spent a day together. During the conversation, I learned things about Warren Buffet and a little bit more about Bill Gates. Michael has continued as a client, calling upon me when visiting Beijing, and he has also been helpful with additional ideas for my consulting services and the company’s new website. I am grateful for his continued business and for the ideas he has shared.

And most important, as I build the business I have been fortunate to have had many good meetings with international business people and executives from around the world. I regularly attend international Chamber events, meeting people from all over and providing me with opportunities for networking, a benefit not only for me, but for my clients as well. Working as a consultant in partnership with other organizations was invaluable experience, now translating into some initial success with my own clientele.  

I am constantly improving my own skills, a central component of staying on top of the evolving international business scene. As a part of my company mission I continue to create eBooks based on research and on real life experience. These I share with clients and interested readers, all people who love to do better in life and in business. I am especially pleased right now to be writing my most extensive book to date, having just passed the one hundred-page mark, and currently doing a second rewrite as I refine the material. I am working on a book publishing deal, and am reaching out to many publishers.

Our Company Mission:

We teach valuable business concepts and new skills that can take you to your next level of success in sales, time management, personal financial management, career development, creativity and innovation.

Our Company’s Clients:

We serve expats who are relocated in Mainland China and business people and sales professionals from around the world. Our seminars and books are available now to people from the USA, Western Europe, Australia, Hong Kong, and South-east Asia.

Our Motto:As you learn more, you become more, and then earn more.

I look forward to talking with you to see how TBL, and how I can personally help you.  

Let’s make you happy and prosperous over a long life.