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Lily Liu, as CEO of TBL Consultancy Beijing Co Ltd, she has been repeatedly reading and learning from successful international personal development gurus for 5 years. These include Brian Tracy, Anthony Robbins, Jim Rohn, and Robert Kiyosaki and many others. Their books, talks and online seminars have informed her consulting business.  Her work has been with executives of large international companies and with employees of foreign embassies. Companies have included VW, Daimler, IBM, The International School, lawyers, higher-level management businessmen, and so on. They have been mainly from the USA, Europe, Japan, Australia, Nordic countries and Southeast Asia. Most of them have come from a background of wealth and success.


Since 2017 Lily has worked in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. Recently she has visited Hong Kong and Shenzhen as well, and plans to visit Singapore and Tokyo in 2018 and early 2019, to better plan her business seminar schedule for the balance of 2018 and 2019 to include those cities. She looks forward to many business opportunities as momentum builds toward the Beijing 2022 Olympic Game, as she plans for work across Southeast Asia, in the US and in other international cities worldwide.


Since 2015, she has regularly attended chamber events, such as Amcham, and the Chambers of the British, French, German, Swiss and Bencham, EU, to name a few. In 2016, with a financial gain from her previous consulting business, she began preparation for her current consulting on personal development such as time management; goal setting; creativity and innovation; career development and financial management to advise current clients and new ones from around the world. In that year and during 2017 she wrote books and developed her course content on sales training to increase profitability, the role of creativity and innovation in a successful startup business, time management for becoming many times more productive, and the proven mindset and habits of rich and successful people. In the last two years her eBooks related to the above topics  have been shared with colleagues and clients and many ebook copies are sold to lots of successful businessmen and business women who are from a variety of nations.


The ebooks have shaped her seminar content and are a growth area for TBL consulting. They are available for download, and give new and prospective clients a good introduction to TBL and to much of the content that Lily covers in greater detail in her seminars and personal training They are also used as course material in current seminars and are good refreshers for past clients as well.


From the beginning of her consulting practice Lily has focused on personal development and the need to constantly learn and apply new knowledge to all areas of business. In her seminars on sales formulas, time management, goal setting, financial management, improving productivity, and on creative thinking and selling she emphasizes personal development as key to success. These ideas and courses are practical and valuable to anyone who is in business and truly committed to doing better and creating a brighter future.


And she believes that the mind creates reality, a healthy mindset creates health; wealthy people have an appropriate mindset to create wealth, rich people get richer, and benefit of these changes in mindset is that you naturally are aligned with people thinking as you do, in business and in friendship, and benefits are shared between like minds.


Success in any field comes from a growth mindset, in which you keep learning new knowledge and skill, reading more books and attending more seminars. More networking results in new relationships that can be nurtured and become long-term partnerships and friendships. A wider circle broadens your horizons, making possible improvements in your lifestyle, in your career and in your relationships.


Lily firmly believes that for achieving financial success you need to learn a successful financial management formula based on improving earnings, the habit of saving, and on making smart investments. Investing is the key to making people rich, to establishing true wealth. Investing well is the result of a plan. In her seminar on wealth creation Lily discusses the wisdom of diversification, and in specific, using your resources to invest in an idea for your own profitable business, buying and holding properties to generating passive income monthly, and using some of your funds to buy and hold paper assets like stocks and bonds over the long term. These ideas represent the three most common types of investing:  active income from employment, portfolio income from owning investment vehicles like stocks, and passive income generated from holding real property, most commonly rental income.


For doing well, though, the first asset to invest in is your brain! You need to be informed! Invest in self-education, like attending our seminars. Read books and do research, and listen to valuable audio programs and watch videos. Learn about the skill of investing in real property, or become a part of a successful global brand, such as Coca Cola, Toyota and Samsung.  Working for a company like these gives you firsthand knowledge of the best of international business practices. Read, explore and educate yourself. The benefits last a lifetime.


Lily is now formally launching her consultancy with the sale of her books, a schedule of seminar dates in 2018 and 2019, online seminars available at mutually agreed upon times, and direct in-person consulting on-to-one basis. We encourage you to join us on WeChat and follow our web site for details on all these offerings and more. Lily looks forward to talking with you soon.